Friday, October 11, 2013

Unlimited Possibilities with RaspberryPI

Everyone would want to have smart devices around. Smart devices are now capable of taking decisions reading internet information, reading information from most of the digital devices around and controlling them remotely over "Internet".  Many micro controllers and dedicated hardware devices are in use for doing the same. But wouldn't it be nice if we have a computer  with java installed instead of micro controllers. Micro controller   programming is "pain" (for me at least).
       Now enters RaspberryPI( . A very small computer. Running Linux from SD card. Bare minimum interfaces like LAN connection, USB connection and HDMI output. Decent hardware with ARM chip , 512 MB RAM and SD card slot.Powers using a USB port. Supports Oracle Java 7. Supports Python. A very good tutorial site ( with lots of example including programming with Motion Sensor, Motors , LEDs and Relays. Best part is , its only of size of a credit card.
       Use case include Home Automation ( , teaching in developing countries schools  (due to low cost : $25-$35), helping people with disability , making a RaspberryPI cluster , robotics , unmanned vehicles  and making GPS sensors for pets. Endless possibilities.
      Cheap devices and pretty decent computing power (infact more power then of a desktop computer which i bought in year 2000) with portability makes it a very smart device which can be easily programmed, store data , transmit data over internet and read data from internet makes it a wonderful device capable of automating everything.  Possibilities are endless!!

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